Dynasty Staff

The Producers:

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Samuel Smith: Chief Executive Producer

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 20
School: University of Georgia

I started Dynasty Network to give kids an opportunity I never had in high school. I wanted to give them the opportunity to let their voices be heard, to learn and grow as writers before they entered college. I’ve been pleased with the progress I’ve seen in the time that they have been writing for us.

Other than that, I’m a third-year student at the University of Georgia. I’m a journalist, poet, musician, revolutionary, visionary, and above all else, I’m a storyteller.



Drew Galloway: Assistant Executive Producer

Hometown: Topeka, Kansas
Age: 18

I’m a freshman at Kansas State University. I am majoring in journalism and mass communications. I have two older sisters, two nephews and one niece. My family is season ticket holders for Kansas State football and basketball.

I went to my first K-State game when I was six weeks old. My interests include sports, music, movies and camping. My goal is to bring journalism back to the way it used to be.


Peyton Gallaher: Assistant Executive Producer

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Age: 17

I am a senior at the Webb School in Knoxville Tennessee, and my goal is to improve every day. I value good people and I love seeing the underdog win. I have been doing play by play for six years, serving as a broadcaster for my high school, and I am also the sports editor at my school paper.

My goal is to eventually end up in a role in which I get to tell stories about sports through play by play commentary for a living. My other interests include but are not limited to: sneakers, hip-hop, politics, art, pop-culture in general, and physical fitness.


The Writers:



Kam Berry

Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA
Age: 19
School: Auburn University

I’m majoring in Communications and Sports Management. I love basketball and football, and I aspire to be a sports agent or analyst.


Paige Cunningham

Hometown: Topeka, Kansas
Age: 20
School: William Jewell College

I just finished my sophomore year at William Jewell College, a small, private liberal arts Division II school in Liberty, Missouri. I am a nursing major and student-athlete. I play middle hitter for the volleyball team.

I love Kansas City Sports. The most important things in my life are my faith, family and friends…in that order. I have one older sister, two older brothers and one younger brother. My favorite quote is by C.S. Lewis: “I believe in Christ, like I believe in the sun – not only because I can see it, but because by it I can see everything else.”


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Adam Dreyfuss

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
Age: 17
Twitter: @dreyfuss_adam

Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to be a sports journalist. If you don’t believe me, my aunt has videotapes of me doing my own “College Gameday” with my brother when I was 5. As far as the teams I cheer for, I support the Georgia Bulldogs, Xavier Musketeers, Atlanta Hawks,Pittsburgh Pirates, and Arsenal FC. Outside of sports, I don’t really do much.



Dylan Goldman

Hometown: Weston, Florida
Age: 13

I have always aspired to become a sports broadcaster/journalist, and I hope that one day I can land the best job possible in the sports journalism business. I’m a former Kid Reporter for Sports Illustrated Kids, and I look forward to continuing my goal of becoming a journalist at Dynasty.

My favorite teams are the University of Miami Hurricanes, LSU Tigers, Golden State Warriors (can promise I’m not a bandwagon fan),  Miami Marlins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Florida Panthers.




Austin Hegmon

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
School: Georgia Southern University
Age: 19

Simple. Two Things.
1. Aspiring Journalist
2. J.R. Smith is my hero


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Hampton Henderson

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia                                                                                                                   Age: 16                                                                                                                                                       School: Wesleyan High School                                                                                                     Instagram: Hamptonhenderson                                                                                                           Twitter: HamptonWHendo

Hey, I’m Hampton. I’m a sophomore in high school and I aspire to be writer and comedian. I’m casual sports fan and I love all of the Atlanta sports teams as well as anything UGA. My greatest passions are cinema, television, and creative/comedic writing. I consider my greatest comedic influences to be Louis CK, Bo Burnham, Anthony Jeselnik, and Hannibal Buress.


Harrison Larner

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Age: 17
School: Wesleyan High School

Hey I’m Harrison and I’m a writer and broadcaster for Dynasty Network and YouTube.com/SliceOfSports.

I am currently a junior at Wesleyan High School in Georgia. As for team allegiances, there is Northwestern, Northwestern, and Northwestern. In my free time, I punt and kick footballs really far as well as play soccer.


Brandon Liguori

Hometown: Pembroke Pines, Florida
Age: 17
Twitter: @_brandon_136
Currently a senior at Pembroke Pines Charter High School in Pembroke Pines, Florida. I will be majoring in Journalism at Florida Gulf Coast University. I love watching sports, reading about sports, and broadcasting sports, especially on the Miami Marlins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Florida Panthers, and Florida Gators.

Michael Luker

Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee
Age: 14
Instagram: michael_luker16
I grew up watching Alabama football on Saturday’s with my father, and that turned into me wanting to get involved with other sports, and follow them closely.  My dad and I are also season ticket holders for Alabama football, and I love seeing every game!  I am a freshman at Grace Christian Academy.  I also play basketball for them.  I look up to Stuart Scott and Rece Davis, and I want to be a broadcaster/journalist.
My teams: Everything Alabama Crimson Tide Related, the Houston Astros, the Houston Texans, and the Golden State Warriors (before we got KD).

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Brandon Martin

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska
Age: 18

I’ve been a sports fan for my entire life. I’m am very dedicated to my teams. I am a huge supporter of the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Yankees, Manchester United, and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

I’ve been wanting to be a sports writer for several years because I feel as if I have unique ideas that I would like to share with others, and I love to talk about sports with others that are dedicated like me. Outside of sports, I am a huge comic movie buff.



Evan Oscherwitz

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Age: 17

I’m a senior at Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas. I’m a political, economic, and sports columnist. Also, a fan of all Arizona professional sports franchises (even the Suns).


Justice Skinner

Hometown: Franklin, TN
Age: 14
Instagram: JohnJustice2020

I grew up with a love of football, which turned into a love for the sports world. I enjoy debating, discussing, watching and playing sports. I am currently a freshman at Grace Christian Academy. Faith, family, and friends are important to me. I have discovered the world of cinema two years ago and I am now a huge movie fan and critic. I aspire to be a journalist/broadcaster/analyst or a director for movies.

My Teams: Baylor Bears, Georgetown Hoyas, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Clippers, and Memphis Grizzlies


Justin Spaeth

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Age: 18

I was born with cerebral palsy, but I have always had a passion for each and every aspect of sports starting at a very young age and have always been as close to sports as I possibly can. My goal in life is to make an impact and touch everyone’s life that I encounter on a daily basis and serve as a source of inspiration for those around me through my writing and beyond


Cole Zellner

Hometown: Maumelle, Arkansas
Age: 16

I am a huge sports player and fan. I participate in golf, basketball, and soccer. My central area teams are LSU and the New Orleans Saints. My two East Coast teams are the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics. My only West Coast team is the San Jose Sharks. I hope to one day pursue a career as a sports broadcaster in the Boston area.