Sneaks This Week: February 25th Edition

By Peyton Gallaher

2 Cents: A rant and some advice from an insomniac who had no sneaker topics to write about this week.

It is late night on Monday and Peyton Gallaher is engulfed by homework, general college leg work, and heaps of editing. He toils away, sitting at a desk while whittling at the keyboard of a computer that never changes.

It has been hours since he slept last, and the blank face that has stolen his countenance is reminiscent to that of a School Boy Q album cover. He is tired, dulled, and a little hungry.

As days of this sleepless spin cycle twirl on, and the week melts away into the abyss of tasks that any high school junior goes through, it is easy for Peyton to put his head down. There are no breaks, no days off, and not a moment to take his foot off of the pedal. Every waking moment is consumed by something, but he persists.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for Peyton. A dream.

I, myself, being Peyton Gallaher, can tell you first hand that I wouldn’t trade this tireless grind for a thing. I love it.

I love the school work, the personal struggles, and most of all, I love the satisfaction of taking a step forward. Despite the agonizing exhaustion of this day-to-day process, I some how find redemption in my nature. My light at the tunnel is the knowledge that I am doing something to try and get better every day.

Whether it be going the extra hour at night to finish an assignment, edit an article, or even write another installment of “Sneaks This Week”, it is worth the sleep deprivation to do the extra work that could cary you over the finish line someday.

My advice to all of you is take pride in what you do and to strive to finish the job. Do your best, work hard, and some day good things will come. It is always rewarding to smile as you look back on all that you have accomplished and know that you have created something.

*Important side note: that whole last thing may have sounded like total gibberish, but I’m tired so it’s alright.

*Another important side note: I apologize for missing last week. Unfortunately, I was traveling and couldn’t find the suitable internet connection to post the article before Friday passed and it became dated.

The Run

Brand: Adidas
Silhouette: Yeezy V2
Name: “Zebra”

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Yet another Yeezy V2 hits the shelves this week as adidas is set to release the “zebra” variation Saturday. The upper fully showcases the viability of primeknit as a tapestry with a vibrant black and white pattern. As per usual with the V2, a stripe, this time in white, flashes across the lateral side of the shoe.

Some of the other specs include a semi translucent outsole, red “yzy sply” branding, and a pull tab which is only being utilized for the second time on the V2.

Despite the fact that this specific drop is supposed to be the most limited pair of adidas Yeezys to date, the frequency of the releases is somewhat alarming. It feels like there is a new Yeezy sneaker coming out every other weekend or so. Because of this, resale prices, particularly for the V2, are plummeting. Maybe Kanye can deliver on his promise to make sure anyone that wants Yeezys will have Yeezys.

Brand: Nike
Silhouette: PG 1
Name: “Shining”

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Having survived the NBA trade deadline as a Pacer, Paul George’s first signature shoe will make it’s debut to the public on this Saturday. This release marks a huge triumph in the career of George as it is, in a way, a culmination of all the hard work he put into getting back onto the court after a devastating leg injury two years ago. Every athlete grows up wanting to have their own sneaker someday, and this is surely a proud moment for PG and his camp.

However, after pictures surfaced over a month ago, people have been chattering about the unconventional sneaker. From the oddly shaped sole to the awkward forefoot strap, no one has really figured out what to make of the PG1. It appears that many aspects of the shoe are geared towards performance as opposed to aesthetic appeal.

The blacked out debutant colorway furthers that all business attitude the PG1 presents. Subtle pops of chrome give some limited character, but in reality, this pair is going to be best served turning heads on the court and not the street.

Brand: Saucony
Silhouette: Courageous
Name: “Belgian Waffle”

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Nothing says breakfast like waffles. At least that is what Feature, a Los Angeles boutique, thinks. They partner up with Sauconey for a killer breakfast themed collaboration set to hit the market this weekend.

Just how the richness of syrup complements the golden exterior of a waffle, buttery brown suede smothers the toe box and forefoot and provides the perfect complement to outlandish yellow leather. The use of buttery yellow rope lace further accentuates the morning vibe of this pair.

The details of this shoe are what set it apart. Little things like dots of color in the Saucony logo that resemble berries and the orange juice speckle on the midsole are examples of the thought that went into this pair. When an idea with this much thought comes together with top notch execution come together, it is always going to be a banger.

Brand: Jordan
Silhouette: Jordan 8
Name: “Alternate”

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At the time, this was one of the most forward thinking shoes ever. From a a second skin liner to a unique lacing system, the eight was born anything but conventional. The eight was also the first Jordan shoe that didn’t feature any Nike insignia whatsoever.

The Jordan eight, being the weapon of choice during Mike’s first back-to-back championship season in 1992-93, rarely is retrod in “OG” colors. For whatever reason, Jordan has deprived the public of on-court colorways from back in the day. This is a real shame because it is the original Bulls’ black and red that makes his airness’s legacy truly hit home.

Something about those colors just oozes a sense of greatness and nostalgia that people who didn’t even get to see Michael play subconsciously understand.


Now, in 2017,  Jordan brand revamps a classic. The “alternate” eight, while still sporting a colorway that saw the court, is getting an awesome makeover.

The shoe mixes old and new very well. Subtle additions like speckled hits on the midsole, chrome red lace-holders, and a pull tab celebrating the 1993 Chicago Bulls’ season add spice in the back round, while the constants of the Jordan eight like the tongue patch, artful torsion-plate heal counter, and distinctly unique sole design take the spotlight.

Releasing on Saturday, the alternate eight is a must have for any retro collector.

Brand Of The Month: Supreme

They are a streetwear brand that announced a collaboration with Louis Vuiton earlier this month. That alone is a massive win. And yes, while Supreme’s selection as “brand of the month” is cliched by the amount of brand recognition and hype the New York skate store has built in it’s twenty-three year existence, that doesn’t cheapen why they were chosen.

By just slapping a logo on a brick, they got people to pay hundreds and now they are branding Louis Vuiton Bags. Let that sink in.

What Supreme is doing for street fashion as a whole is monumental. They have revolutionized the clothing industry. Now that a lowly skate shop supported by a mongrel hoard of teens has invaded the designer fashion industry, what else is possible for street wear?  They have opened a gate to once impossible avenues and are continuing to shove the envelope open.

Now, with this development, what’s to stop Bape from doing a project with Versace or Kith from collabing with Prada? The sky is truly the limit and Supreme has a lot to do with that.

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It doesn’t matter what you think of Supreme’s resale, politics, influence, or message. They let the world know for sure in February that they have no intentions of falling off. They continue to set the meter that the rest of the street wear world follows. That is why they are brand of the month.


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