Sneak This Week: January 28th Edition


The meteoric rise of Adidas in 2016 was a beacon, signifying a shift in the sneaker community. As the brand pumped out releases of NMDs, Yeezys, Ultra Boosts, EQTs, and many other fashionable, functional silhouettes seemingly every weekend, Adidas stirred up mad hype and watched its cache grow all year long.

Adidas registered all time numbers this past year, reporting earnings of over 350 million dollars net worth income in the third quarter of 2016. This is great for the three stripes and ultimately the overall culture as a whole.

However, with Adidas receiving all this shine in 2016, many believed that Nike had somehow fallen off. Maybe it was the reduced press that Nike was getting, or the fact that Jordan releases weren’t instantly selling out anymore, but the general feeling was that Nike had been dethroned.

That theory, though, whatever it is that makes a critically thinking, well-groomed, savant of the sneaker game crumble into a stammering hype monster, convinced people that Adidas had knocked off king swoosh. That sentiment could not be further from the actual

Don’t believe it? Here are the facts: According to the Forbes’ “Top 2000 Companies List”, Adidas was valued at 25.2 billion dollars in 2016. These numbers are fabulous for the Three Stripes, but they are dwarfed standing next to Nike’s 100.1 billion dollar appraisal. Furthermore, Nike sold 32.01 billion dollars worth of merchandise and stock in 2016 to Adidas’ 18.76 billion. Another one in the “W” column for Nike. The numbers don’t lie.

Certainly, the margin between the giants is shrinking exponentially, but there is still only one alpha. They reside in Beaverton, Oregon, not Germany.

With that said, it’s time to get into this Week in Sneaks


Brand: Timberland
Silhouette: Women’s 6Inch Boot
Name: “Ruby Red”

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A classic staple gets a splash of color as Timberland gives the renown Six Inch Boot a makeover worthy of the yellow brick road. This unconventional take on the boot strays from the traditional wheat color that we all know. Instead, it adopts a blazing red shade.

The shoe is your classic 6 Inch; nothing new there. The specs include the standard high quality, water resistant leather, tough rubber outsole, and thick nylon laces that have made the shoe so popular over the years.The boot, currently scheduled to release in three woman’s exclusive variations, provides a refreshing, user friendly dash of color.

I feel that it was a good utilization of an underused canvas. I’m glad to see Timberland pushing the envelope, and it appears there is only more of this on the horizon with the DJ Khaled  “secure the bag” pair dropping earlier this week at Champs.

Brand: Adidas
Silhouette: EQT
Name: Colette X UNDFTD

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2017 has already been dubbed the year of the EQT in many sneaker circles. As soon as the announcement of the famous 90s silhouette’s boost era revival, there has been a groundswell of eager collectors ready to get there hands on a pair. What better way to kick it off than with a collaboration featuring iconic Los Angeles streetwear brand UNDFTD, and world famous Parisian Boutique Colette?

With high-quality materials and unrelenting craftsmanship defining the shoe, this particular release does an outstanding job melding two different street wear sub-cultures together. The wearer of these sneakers could easily strut the high fashion streets of Paris or the star-studded sidewalks of LA and break necks in both. The meticulous detailing of the shoe that can be found in intricacies like the embossed lettering on the customary medial and lateral Adidas branding bring this EQT release home.

I personally believe that the EQT will do very well long term, and I like the model all hype aside. Colette and UNDFTD also collaborated on an Adidas Campus so keep an eye out for that as well.

Brand: Air Jordan
Silhouette: Jordan 8
Name: “Take Flight”

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Jordan Brand has a jam packed 2017 calendar in store. With rumors kicking up about remasterings of the Black Cement 3s and Royal 1s as well as pink Just Don 2s, black OVO 12s, and a KAWS collaboration in future months, Jumpman starts off the years with a stunning pair of 8s.

The Sequoia, Max Orange, and black of the Take Flight is the main attraction for this shoe. Clear allusions to previous masterpieces *cough* undftd 4 *cough* take the main stage on the famous silhouette. This will be the first time neoprene is used on an 8, as the model sports a new texture for the upper. The shoe takes inspiration from fighter planes and bomber jackets as the ‘Take Flight’ moniker suggests.

All and all it is a very nice piece of work from the team at JB. Non-retro drops usually either hit or they don’t, and the Take Flight 8s definitely fall under the former designation. Personally, I specifically enjoy the 8 in general, so this one is somewhat of a no-brainer for me. It’s an instant cop despite it slick being a fall colorway released in January.

Brand: Nike
Silhouette: Flyknit Racer
Name: “Fire Rooster”

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The Flyknit Racer was the Ultra Boost before the Ultra Boost. Since it’s 2012 debut, the Racer has had casual footwear enthusiasts and the most ravenous of sneaker heads alike scrapping to stack up on the lightweight running shoe. Just as the Ultra Boost does now, the Flyknit Racer boasted comfort and style which enabled it to transcend from being a performance running sneaker, into the casual everyday beater. However, in 2016, the once sought after shoe took a tumble in demand.

Nike will try to reinvigorate the once sought after Flyknit Racer this year with its first release of 2017, the “Fire Rooster” colorway. Staving away from the beaten, monochromal path of its predecessors, this pair sports a burning red and black upper with a bright white midsole to counterbalance the color. As per usual, this pair will feature the breathable, lightweight flyknit construction that made a name for the racer in the first place.

I don’t think the Racer will ever rekindle the momentum it had earlier in this decade. It’s a clean, serviceable model, but the heights of the multi-color pair in 2013 seem a far shout in today’s evolving market. Also, concerns about durability are warranted as Nike sacrificed stability for the shoe’s lightweight. Ultimately, I believe the Racer has a place in everyone’s collection, but this “Fire Rooster” pair isn’t much more than a cool name and a missed opportunity to collaborate with Huy Fong Siracha.

Brand of the Month

Pink Dolphin

Although some of the pieces may be a bit gaudy, you will consistently find well made, flawlessly executed clothing in their inventory. Pink Dolphin can supply you with dressy, top of the line gear (as seen when Kawhi Leonard rocked a PD button down to except his DPOY trophy last year) or a flashy tee shirt to dress up an uninspired fit.

Pink Dolphin is definitely a suggested place to add some spice to your wardrobe. They just dropped their spring collection. Go have a look!

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