Enter the Battlefield

by Cole Zellner

With the recent release of Battlefield 1, many gamers have been glued to their consoles. EA captures the dark history of World War 1 while still making it a beautiful game. With two different ways to play Battlefield 1, it has something to offer to different types of gamers.

Single Player:

With the whole Battlefield series getting criticized for bad campaigns in recent years, Battlefield 1 brings a new element to try and spice up the campaign.

Instead of one long campaign for gamers to go through, Battlefield 1 has five war stories to split up the campaign.

The five stories are: Through Mud and Blood, Friends in High Places, Avanti Savoia, The Runner, and Nothing Is Written. With each chapter introducing a new protagonist, it allows games to connect to many characters.

With Battlefield 1 incorporating a new way to play the campaign, it has focused on the small-scale aspects of World War 1. It focuses on specific names and dates of birth and death of the soldiers in the game.

The new style is not without controversy.

Battlefield has seen their share of criticism from critics and gamers everywhere. The small-scale story doesn’t really capture the big aspects of World War 1, and it leaves gamers feeling like there was still action to unfold.

The story is great in capturing the personal experiences and problems but just doesn’t deliver the all-out war and savagery of World War 1.


Even though the game has gotten a ton of attention for its change of pace single player mode, It is important to remember the extravagant multiplayer setting as well. There are a ton complaints of the story being too conservative, that is not the case about Battlefield 1’s multiplayer.

Battlefield 1’s multiplayer has four main classes for players to choose from: Assault, Support, Medic, and Scout.

The first is the Assault class, which is for the gamers who enjoy close-range combat and love to attack other players. This class includes lots of SMG’s to play fast and easy.

Support is meant for gamers who enjoy helping teammates dishes out pain in the battlefield. Support’s main focus is to leave ammo packs for other classes to pick up and provide backup for fellow gamers.

Medic’s role is given away in the name. This mode provides wounded allies with health packs to make sure the team stays intact. Medic also has an ability many people don’t know about, which is the ability to repair vehicles.

Lastly, and my personal favorite is the Scout Class. Scout is the player that alerts allies about enemy areas or danger in a certain part of the map. Equipped with a sniper and a flare gun, Scouts pick off enemies at deadly rates and leave enemies vulnerable wherever they are in battle.

There are currently nine maps on Battlefield 1, and they each bring something different. The amps are large-scale and let players get into the beauty that is Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 resembles recent 2015 EA game Star Wars: Battlefront with how large the maps are and how free players are to attack and defend. The maps are very detailed and are designed to move with the flow of the game.

The maps are arguably the best part of Battlefield 1, as they are beautifully crafted and show the true history of World War 1 battlefields.

With Battlefield 1 hitting the market only a short time ago, many gamers have yet to get their hands on it. With its intriguing story mode, beautiful multiplayer maps, and crazy all-out war, Battlefield 1 has a lot to bring to many gamers.

The game is being sold for Xbox 1, PS4, and PC. Now that you have all the details on one of the biggest game releases of 2016, there is only one question to ask.

Is it time to enter the battlefield?


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