Four Years Later

by Brandon Liguori

High school is said by numerous of people as four unforgettable years that can be positive, negative, or a combination of both. Looking back, throughout my four years, I have experienced drastic changes: from making new friends to losing old friends, new activities, and a new attitude.

We always find ourselves looking deep into the difficult times of high school, when in reality, we should be grateful because these are the easiest and happiest times of our lives. I want to go through and show that, although similar, my life has been impacted from freshman year in 2013, to graduating senior year in May, 2017.

August 19, 2013.

That was my first official day of high school. I remember it as if it was yesterday, feeling nervous and uncomfortable that I was in a totally different place. I walked into the doors uncertain of myself, not even remembering where the U, C, D, S, M, main office, and lunch buildings were.

There were lots of new faces, as our school was grouped with the incoming freshman from Central Campus. The learning environment throughout the year was extremely new and unusual. Teachers expected more, and it changed the view for the students in my class.

I will admit, it even changed my perspective and outlook as well. What helped me most throughout freshman year was staying out of trouble and minding my own business. I earned respect from the upperclassman, and it made me feel wanted in the school.


I finally completed my sophomore and junior years and have entered the best year, SENIOR YEAR!

Senior year is all about being “the big guy on campus.” What a difference three years make! I have found myself way more comfortable with my surroundings, and met a lot of inspiring friends and teachers along this journey.

Although everybody can agree with that senior year is the greatest of your four years, it is the busiest, time-consuming, and most important.

It begins or should start to put the final pieces on your college choices and applications. Since I would like to major in either journalism, communications, or a double-major of both, I have applied to attend college at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU).

I currently have a friend there as a sophomore, and her name is Amanda Fouda. She is majoring in journalism, and is helping me along the way, which gives me an unbelievable advantage.

With that being said, the countdown to graduation on May 26, 2017 is officially on the horizon.

Becoming a freshman in high school seemed the greatest accomplishment that had happened to me throughout all of my school years. Becoming a freshman meant I had way more freedom, privileges, and better options in my classes.


While all of this is a true, now that I am a senior, I see things from a totally different perspective.

During senior year, a lot of behaviors changed from when I was a freshman. Not only do I get respect from the peers that are around me in school, but older people too.

Once you get to talk to them and mention that you are a senior, younger students look up to you as if you are a role model to them and older peers treat you more like an adult.

For example, they will ask questions like “When do you graduate?” and “What are your plans after graduating high school?”

My answer remains the same, “Once I have finished my high school career, the next journey in my life begins: life in college at FGCU!”


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