Supreme Leaders

by Austin Hegmon

The most iconic North American streetwear brand is back at it again.

Supreme has released their 2016 Fall/Winter line to the public. Shirts, pants, hats, and even noodle bowls flooded the previously closed website. Per usual, most of the interesting stuff sold out within a day.

Thankfully, most the items get put back up for resale on the internet just in case you missed out on your brief window of opportunity to get one of these highly sought after items. If you do elect to go search through the world  and embark on a Supreme resale scavenger hunt, these are the pieces you need to be on the lookout for.

War Report Tee/Hoodie:


I’m not a big fan of the “Old artist’s/band’s logo/album onto a shirt” trend that’s been gaining steam all summer. The whole look just screams “Look at me! I listen to this music! I’m cool, right!” If you’re rocking a Gilden brand t-shirt with a generic Iron Maiden logo screen printed on it and you can’t hold a two minute conversation about thrash metal, you’re mad corny.

With that being said, I really like this piece.

Supreme’s artist/album choice is great. “The War Report” was part of a truly wonderful period of incredibly gully New York boom-bap. Unfortunately, while albums like “Illmatic” and “The Infamous” have acquired legendary status, “The War Report” has kind of faded away. A high profile company like Supreme promoting this album reintroduces it to an entirely new group of fans.

In addition, “The War Report” has always been one of my favorite hip-hop album covers ever, and it looks really nice on a shirt. The (not pictured here) back of the shirt has both Capone and Noreaga’s signatures on it, which makes for a very nice cherry on top.

Astronaut Puffy Coat:


Berlin culture magazine “O32c” called Supreme “The Holy Grail of youth street culture.” When Supreme puts out clothing like this, it’s hard to argue with that.

This nod to NASA is piff. The artwork on this parka is easily the best out of all the pieces in the collection. The astronaut is extremely detailed while still having a cartoon feel to it. The logo placement is pretty dope as well.

If there’s one issue with this jacket, it’s that it doesn’t look quite as awesome in its alternate colors (red and blue). This is a minor complaint however, and I’d cop any of the three versions of this jacket without any questions asked.

Center Stripe Crewneck:


This crewneck is on some 90’s Ralph Lauren/Tommy Hilfiger type steez and I’m really digging it. In fact, Supreme released four different pieces this season (from rugby shirts to quarter-zips) that have this vibe to them.

The logo font and placement both work well and the trim on the neck, sleeves, and bottom of the sweater hammer home the throwback idea. However, these pieces bread and butter are the colorways.

All of these tops have an excellent mix of colors. None of these tops are too vibrant or too bland and they can be worn with a variety of other winter clothes.


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