by Cole Zellner

Esteemed DJ, producer, and walking meme, DJ Khaled, is back with his latest album “Major Key” which dropped July 29th. The album, which featured 14 songs and lots of famous artists including Drake, Future, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Wayne, is full of club bangers and even a few sentimental moments that are sure to have Hip Hop fans happy.

The album’s name came from DJ Khaled himself. He has come to be one of the most famous people to follow on Snapchat, claiming he has the “keys to success.” Now one of the greatest social media follows in the world, more people should want to check out his new album. With all the big names and publicity this should be Khaled’s best-selling album by a longshot.

Major Key is full of DJ Khaled saying his most famous catchphrases like “I got the keys”, “Secure the bag”, and “We the best.” Even through all the publicity, famous artists, and catchphrases, the album has received reviews in the 7.0 area from many critics. The rating seems a little low for all the hype Khaled and fans gave the album before the release.


Even with all the artists on the album, the most famous song on the album is “For Free” featuring Drake. Influenced by the classic Too $hort song “Blow the Whistle,” this catchy song has climbed to the top of the charts as Drake raps about engaging in acts with a woman.

Another great song on the album is “Jermaine’s Interlude” featuring J. Cole. This song matches no other song on the album because it is slow paced. It is a deep song about pain with some lyrics being:

I can see the future that we’re heading
I would say it’s better not to tell
If it’s anything like this in heaven
Maybe I’d be better off in hell

Last but not least we have “Nas Album Done” featuring Nas. The song is in reference to legendary rapper’s new album being completed. My personal favorite is “I Got the Keys” featuring Future and Jay Z. It’s upbeat style and interesting lyrics are very appealing to me.

There were a couple songs on the album that weren’t very good. “Pick These Hoes Apart” featuring Kodak Black, Jeezy, and French Montana. This song is about all three of these artists dating beautiful women that they aren’t in love with. Another sub-par song is “F**k Up the Club” featuring Future, Rick Ross, YG, and Yo Gotti.

This album will be talked of for a long time, considering all the great talent that went into putting this album out. With DJ Khaled you never know what to expect, and his next album could go anywhere.

Hats off to DJ Khaled to putting out a great album for music fans around the world. We should all be aware the next time DJ Khaled release an album, because maybe then it surely will fulfill his company name and produce the best.


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