There’s Strength in Love

by Justin Spaeth

Everything I have learned about women and relationships, I attribute to my grandpa teaching me.

He taught me at a very young age to always treat the women you come in contact with with the highest level of dignity, compassion, and respect.

This was coming from a man who was married over 60 years, and loved his wife as much on his dying breath as he did the first time he saw her in 1948. His words really helped form my own ideas about how women should be treated.

I feel like especially when it comes to a relationship that a woman deserves someone who can show her unconditional love, someone who can always be there for her whenever she needs it, someone who would do anything and everything they could to make sure she was taken care of at the highest level possible.

She deserves someone she can laugh with, someone who can give her a shoulder to cry on when she’s sad, and help her through her problems and concerns. She deserves someone who would cherish every single moment with her, and checks on her on a daily basis at least once to see how her day is going and tells her how lucky they are to have her in their lives and how perfectly beautiful she is.

A woman needs someone that thinks so highly of them that no other person could ever get between their relationship.

That is my philosophy on relationships, yet I look at today’s world of relationships and see how poorly a majority of women are treated, and it really frustrates me. I look and see how some women set the bar so low when it comes to guys, because they don’t think they can set the bar higher when in all reality they can.

So many women get mistreated by people who are extremely disloyal. It angers me how fast a someone can move from one woman to another without a hint of loyalty.

I can honestly say without a doubt that if I was put in the same situations as half of these guys in a relationship today, there would be no question in her mind if I was loyal and there would be a common bond of compassion and trust that you can’t find in many relationships.

I would honestly cherish every moment spent with her and make her feel like a queen. Like she was the only one on earth for me, and I would do anything in my power to make sure that she was taken care of at the highest level and nothing but happy every single day.Because, in the end, that’s truly all that matters.

When you find that special someone, you would honestly do anything for, it’s a commitment that requires your time, energy, and love to help guide it to strength and prosperity.

Honestly, women, all you need to know is there is a guy out there who is perfect for each and everyone of you and it may take a while to find him/her, but the wait is what honestly makes that perfect relationship so special.

I honestly thank my grandpa each and everyday for the lessons and insights he has given me about women because it has given me a new level of respect and sensitivity towards the opposite sex.


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