My Role Model

By Brandon Martin

Everyone has a role model. While some look up to athletes or movie stars or musicians, I don’t look up to any of these people. My role model is my grandpa.

My grandpa has always been my role model ever since I can remember. It was my grandpa that influenced me the most in my life such as teaching me how to play the game of golf, as well as “persuading” me to be a fan of the Yankees and the Packers.

Most importantly, he is my biggest fan; never missing a basketball game or any of my other events. Spending time with him is one of the things I cherish the most, and even just short five minutes phone calls talking about sports makes my day.

He always reads my articles and tells me what he agrees or disagrees with, but he is always proud of my work and usually forwards my articles to his friends to read.

My grandpa enjoys spending time with me, often times taking me to various events such as the PGA U.S. Senior Open and Nebraska Wesleyan basketball games. Thanks to him, I looked further in Wesleyan and as of now, I plan on attending their university to further my education.

Since I know he reads everything I write, this next part is for you:


Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for believing in me when it comes to basketball and golf. Thank you for being a good influence on me and raising me properly. Thank you for teaching me how to golf, a sport which I love. Thank you for those funny jokes through email. Thank you for all the Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazines you have given me. Thank you for being you. Thank you for always loving me even when I don’t tell you thank you enough. Thank you.




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